Cricket Legend Ab De Villiers Opens Up on Sleep Struggles During High-Pressure Matches

In the aftermath of Smith and Dele’s revelations, Ab de Villiers opened up about his own struggles before high-pressure matches. As he shared on his YouTube channel, he had trouble sleeping and took sleeping pills to overcome it.

He used sleeping tablets to help him sleep and feel relaxed.

In the 2015 World Cup, he recalls an incident prior to a crucial match against the West Indies.After scoring an unbelievable century, he only slept for two to three hours the night before. He found that there is no other option but to take an injection at three a.m. due to anxiety-related stomach cramps and was considering the must-win game tomorrow.

De Villiers, also known as Mr. 360, acknowledged that taking sleeping pills regularly can become a problem because they are addictive. Apart from get some sleep from them, they also make you feel very relaxed and take away some of your worries when you consume them. Even though it might seem like a quick fix, especially before crucial games or events, relying on them is dangerous.

When your body gets used to taking pills, it may feel like you need them every time. This can harm your health. Rather than taking pills, find alternative methods of dealing with stress and anxiety.

Talking to someone about your feelings and seeking professional help is better than sleeping pills. So, it’s wise to avoid sleeping pills and focus on natural ways to care for yourself-concluded by de Villiers.