Shreyas Iyer’s Batting Stats at Number 4 in ODIs: A Comprehensive Analysis

In this article, we’ll delve into Shreyas Iyer’s batting stats at number 4 position in One Day Internationals (ODIs). When it comes to analyzing the prowess of a batsman in cricket, their performance at specific batting positions speaks volumes. This analysis aims to provide cricket enthusiasts, like yourself, with insights into Shreyas Iyer’s performance, showcasing his impact in this crucial spot.

Shreyas Iyer’s Batting Stats at Number 4: A Closer Look

Shreyas Iyer's Batting Stats at Number 4
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Shreyas Iyer’s batting performance at the number 4 position in ODIs is truly commendable. Over a span of 20 innings, he has amassed a total of 805 runs, showcasing his ability to consistently contribute to the team’s scoreboard. His average of 47.35 highlights his stability, while a striking strike rate of 94.37 underlines his ability to maintain a brisk scoring pace.

Centuries and Half Centuries: A Testament to Skill

While batting at number 4, he has achieved the remarkable feat of scoring 2 centuries and 5 half centuries. This demonstrates his versatility in both building an innings and accelerating when needed.

Batting PositionInningsRunsAverageS/R100s50sHighest score
Number 30953459.3495.510688
Number 42080547.3594.3725113*
Number 50929232.46105.060371

Comparing Shreyas Iyer’s Stats

To better understand Shreyas Iyer’s impact, let’s make a comparison with other notable players who have taken the crease at the same batting position.

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Rahul’s Performance

In comparison to KL Rahul, another accomplished batsman, Shreyas Iyer’s numbers shine brightly. Rahul has participated in 7 innings at number 4, accumulating 241 runs. His average of 40.17 and strike rate of 80.87, while respectable, fall short of Iyer’s contributions.

Samson’s Display

Sanju Samson, albeit with fewer opportunities at number 4, displayed promise in the solitary match he played in this position. Scoring a half-century, his performance underscored his potential. With an average of 51 and a striking strike rate of 124.39, he showcased his ability to make an impact.

Pant’s Performance

Rishabh Pant, known for his aggressive approach, has played 16 innings at number 4. His 492 runs, average of 32.80, and strike rate of 97.61 highlight his valuable contributions. However, Shreyas Iyer’s consistency and ability to anchor the innings stand out

BatsmanBatting PositionInningsRunsAverageS/R100s50sHighest score
Shreyas IyerNumber 42080547.3594.3725113*
KL RahulNumber 4724140.1780.8710108
Sanju SamsonNumber 415151124.390151
Rishabh PantNumber 41649232.8097.6112125*

Shreyas Iyer: A Strong Contender for ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

Based on the data and performance analysis, it is evident that Shreyas Iyer is a strong contender for the number 4 position in the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. His ability to consistently score runs, adapt to match situations, and build partnerships makes him a valuable asset for the team’s middle order.

Flexibility in Middle Order Strategy

While Shreyas Iyer’s performance cements his position, it’s crucial to note that flexibility is key in modern cricket. Captain Rohit Sharma’s emphasis on a flexible middle order suggests that players like Iyer might be deployed strategically based on match conditions.

Shreyas Iyer’s Current Status and Future Prospects

The cricket fraternity has a reason to rejoice, as Shreyas Iyer has been declared match fit by the head coach. As he gears up to participate in the upcoming Asia Cup 2023, starting from 30th August, fans can anticipate his impact on the field.

In conclusion, Shreyas Iyer’s remarkable batting statistics at the number 4 position in ODIs position him as a key player for India’s middle order in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. His consistency, adaptability, and potential to build and accelerate innings make him a valuable asset for the team.

Q1: What are Shreyas Iyer’s batting statistics at number 4 in ODIs?

A: Shreyas Iyer has played 20 innings at number 4, amassing 805 runs with an average of 47.35 and a strike rate of 94.37.

Q2: What is the significance of a flexible middle order strategy?

A: A flexible middle order strategy allows the team to adapt to varying match situations and optimize batting resources.

Q3: When can we expect to see Shreyas Iyer in action?

A: Shreyas Iyer is match fit and all set to participate in the Asia Cup 2023, commencing from 30th August.

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